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  • Necklace 'Fire'
    Necklace 'Fire'

    2-sided portable; with fire or with color.
    Using the sublimation technique, a photo of flames is burned into the surface with a wear-resistant coating. This gives a warm, lively look to the necklace.The other side has been given…

    € 2.100,00
  • Pendant/Object 'catapult'
    Pendant/Object 'catapult'

    A work of art for the eye, so it will certainly not be out of place to approach it as such.
    But it is just as beautiful as a necklace. A real 'eye-catcher'.Material; Red coral, Turquoise and 18 kt yellow gold.

    € 1.780,00
  • Game/Necklace 'Please lead me in temptation'
    Game/Necklace 'Please lead me in temptation'

    A game with Braille of which one heart, struck by the cupid arrow, can be worn as jewelry.
    Manufactured in anodized aluminum, patinated silver, gold plated silver and 18 kt yellow gold.First Prize International Jewelery…

    € 1.200,00
  • Necklace  'Circle of Sunshine
    Necklace 'Circle of Sunshine

    A flexible and mobile necklace, which can be worn on both sides and is very light.
    The titanium encloses the handmade felt elements in the shape of a discus.
    The felt elements have different shades of red and are made by artist…

    € 1.800,00
  • Collier 'Magi - On'
    Collier 'Magi - On'

    Interchangeability is paramount with this high-quality, silver necklace. This design was created years ago when our aim was already; the closure should be the most beautiful thing you see. It is precisely the intention that the…

    € 485,00
  • Necklace  'Colorado'
    Necklace 'Colorado'

    The 2 pendants in 2 different colors of red hang from a high-quality silicone necklace with stainless steel bayonet closure.
    The pendants are made of anodized aluminum which gives the intense color.
    Many colors are available on…

    € 55,00
  • Pendant 'Treasure of the Earth'
    Pendant 'Treasure of the Earth'

    A special piece of jewelry made of titanium and enamel.
    A combination that seemed technically impossible, but which have entered into a perfect relationship with each other.Enamels known for their color and shine have now been…

    € 220,00
  • Necklace 'Nautilus'
    Necklace 'Nautilus'

    Made in Silver, which is partially patinated.
    Length of necklace; 86cm

    € 950,00
  • Necklace 'Face Too'
    Necklace 'Face Too'

    Necklace made with hydroforming.
    Titanium, Chalcedony, silver 925 (necklace)
    Chain length; 84cm

    € 900,00
  • Necklace 'Face'
    Necklace 'Face'

    Necklace made with hydroforming.
    Titanium, gold 750, anodized aluminum, silver 925 (necklace).Chain length 96cm

    € 950,00
  • Necklace  'Colorado Bunch'
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